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In a way inconceivable in today’s Web-fragmented marketplace, Usenet was where you went to talk. Conceived back in the idealistic, non-profit days of the Internet, it was—well, it is, but it mostly was—a series of bulletin boards called “newsgroups” shared by thousands of computers, which traded new messages several times a day.

via Reports of Usenet’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.

Usenet is forever – przynajmniej archiwa nie znikają. No i ta atomizacja of today’s Web-fragmented błogosfera z plejadą forów phpBB with the lifespan of a butterfly. How’s my Polish, huh ❓ :mrgreen:

Actually… Usenet has over 800 Million post over the past 90 days… AND you can use existing web apps to search them…

via The news of Usenet’s death has been greatly exaggerated.